Visitors from Kasakhstan

Last week we were very pleased to welcome visitors from Kasakhstan. Sales staff from the company Phaeton DC and their largest customers made their way to Denmark.
The trip was a price for entering a sales campaign and 7 winners got a chance to visit our headquarters in Viborg.
Time flies when you are in good company! The visitors got to see our productions site where we mainly produce spare parts for our Classic Line and Porsche.
They tested the speed of the electric utility cars and exclusive golf cars from the Garia production line. The museum which is a private collection of vintage Porsches, was admired while conversing about work, life and success with the owner Mr Martin Pedersen.
Naturally they also had to meet the most famous and popular woman in Denmark - The little mermaid.
We would like yet again ,to extend our thanks to the company Phaeton DC for making this trip possible for our visitors.
Furthermore for taking the time to visit our company site in spite of a distance of well over 6000 kilometers from Viborg to Almaty in Kasakhstan.
Meetings like these strengthens the relationship with the customer which makes it much easier to overcome difficulties and obstacles together.