Information about the COVID19


At JP Group A/S we have taken our precautions to limit the spread of the infections COVID19 and ensured that our continued operation is kept as close to normal conditions as possible under the circumstances and new situation.

We follow the recommendations of the authorities and have in that connection, changed several of our procedures, e.g. with accessibility to the company, internal organization in relation to compliance with the rules about distance
recommendations, and reductions of area of contact and also released information about hygiene behavior from our employees.

Order handling and shipping runs as close to normal as possible

We have staffing in the sales department both in the office and at home offices. Due to the current situation worldwide, we have adjusted our capacity to fit the current demand.
Our warehouse in Denmark, Germany and Russia is still up and running and we continue to offer daily shipments as usual.
Our various freight forwarders reports that despite possible restrictions in the different countries and regions, they will do everything possible to deliver our goods. However, we must make certain reservations about delays due to the increased border controls, etc.

Due to the current situation, we can unfortunately experience smaller delays in deliveries. We will keep customers informed in relation to possible changes in quantities or deliveries as usual.

Shipping options in your country and region

We will keep an ongoing update on the delivery situation in the different countries and geographical areas and encourage our customers to follow our recommendations before placing an order.
Read more about shipping here

We continuously deal with any changes that may occur in the different countries for as long as COVID19 is flourishing and will keep our website up to date.