JP Group’s journey towards sustainability


At JP Group, the environment has a high priority, and for that reason sustainability and a green mindset has started to take a hold on us in our everyday work life. Generally we deliver services and products that are based on prolonging product life of already existing products – and that has always been our focus. In this way, sustainability has always been a part of our DNA. Furthermore, we have created an awareness of our operational resource footprint on the environment over the latest years. To elaborate, this would be in our production, our transportation, and several other areas. For that reason, we have begun a more structured journey towards thinking of more sustainable ways to do business in these areas.

(Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova un Unsplash)

Environmental certification

In 2018 the production company of the JP Group, Johs. Pedersen a/s received the environment certificate - ISO 14001, which ensures management of our processes in regard to protection of the environment. Simultaneously, we are constantly working on optimizing our processes to reduce waste, which both is sustainable for the environment as well as creating a better economy for our products. The unavoidable waste, such as steel, cardboard, or former interior, is sorted and either reused or destructed in a justifiable manner.
Our latest initiative has been to utilize paper for our catalogues that are produced of wood which have been grown in a sustainable way.