At JP Group we have the honor of inviting many of our good partners inside a universe of classic cars right here at our showrooms in Viborg.

For those who haven't yet seen the beautiful showrooms, we have created a 3D universe in which you can click around between the elegant cars.

Dive into the world of classic cars, whether the interest is found in VW, Porsche or even more specifically Porsche 356, we have created a unique experience through three individual lineups.

Watch the video with CEO, Torben Pagh present JP Group and the 3D virtual showrooms

Showroom 2

In collaboration with Expo Partner, we have created this 3D universe where you can get a tour among the wonderful classic cars. We have put together 3 individual showrooms with the classic VW cars, such as the Type 1 Beetle, the three generations of VW transports. Furthermore, a showroom with the well-known Porsche models and a more in-depth showroom with Porsche 356 in several variants. Explore right below.

General VW showroom

General Porsche showroom

Porsche 356 showroom

Showroom 1

In cooperation with Dania Academy Hybrid Degrees, the company of XploR XR has developed a 3D virtual tour of our showroom at the headquarters in Viborg.

XploR XR is a company which specializes in developing XR solutions for organizations. This is done over longer cooperation which ensures quality assured products and ensures a constant development. XploR XR owns all rights of the material of the virtual tour.

Photo gallery

Photos from our 1.000 m2 state of the art showroom in our headquarter in Viborg, Denmark. We exhibit many of the Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz models and use them for development and testing purposes.