JP Group Concern

We hereby introduce a strong family of B2B and B2C companies combining European engineering and know-how with manufacturing, worldwide product sourcing and a very efficient distribution network. 

The group is united under a common management strategy and common finance, HR and administrative departments. The companies are 100 percent owned by a private share holder which results in no bureaucracy and fast and efficient decision-making.

JP Group Holding a/s was established in 1994 in order to strengthen the family company and to ensure an efficient future development within the B2B segment. Under the JP Group Holding a/s umbrella, we have JP Group a/s and Johs. Pedersen a/s (incl. Garia Production).

Euro 2000 Holding a/s was established in 1988. Under the Euro 2000 Holding a/s umbrella, we have Hovwdiaudi.




Development, logistics, import, quality, marketing & sales of automotive spare parts for European and Asian cars.


Production of exhausts for European and Asian cars, tools, special works, pipe bending and metal profiles, CNC machining shop, interior and general spare parts for e.g. trains. 



Production of luxury golf and leisure cars.


Sales of automotive spare parts and accessories in Denmark. (Only in Danish)